Some of our favourite people & websites

Andrew James - Reflexology Andrew James
Johnny's reflexology teacher - thanks Andrew :-)
Celia Hurst Celia Hurst
A fellow therapist & a good friend based in Brittany France in her beautiful holiday cottages.
Eckhart Tolle - Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle
Spiritual Teacher
Yurts Portugal Fiona - Yurts Portugal
Thanks for making our Yurts :-)
Dog Listener Jan Fennell - The Dog Listener
An amazing lady, who truly opened my eyes & ears - Thank you.
Peter Johnson Artist Peter Johnson - Artist
A friend and fellow artist in Brittany France.
Pure Portugal Sophie & Andy of Pure Portugal
A great site for all information about Central Portugal
Thanks for all your help :-)
Tim Fisher Tim Fisher
Artist, and creator of Fisher 400 art paper for pastels, which we now use.
This paper is fantastic :-)
Tony Howell - Photography Tony Howell
Amazing photographs, thanks Tony, the Honesty photograph we were inspired by is beautiful :-)
Wendy Mewes Wendy Mewes
Published author of some lovely books, and now "The Walking Woman of Brittany".
Our very first client, thank you Wendy.
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